iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max Camera Issue and How To Fix Them

iPhone 14 Camera Issues

Perhaps you won’t believe even modern devices like iPhone has problem, right? But most users reported that there was iPhone 14 Pro Camera issue when they wanted to capture with third-party apps. Camera shaking, camera bugs and software capabilities are noted to be the issues that makes the users feel uncomfortable for having fun or even working. Feel lucky as we are going to evaluate … Read more

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5 Best Samsung Galaxy & Tab Data Transfer Apps To PC

Smart Switch

If you find a trouble in transferring data from your old Samsung to your PC, then you must learn Samsung data transfer app to PC download. In this case, there are some app options you can consider using in transferring. However, you may not know which app will work well. In this post, we share you the list of Samsung data transfer apps. There are … Read more

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Samsung Smart View APK To Download Easy Peacy

Samsung Smart View APK Download

Are you wondering what Samsung Smart View APK and how it is used? Samsung Smart View is a perfect app that everyone can install on Samsung device. This app is mainly functioned to control any TV from Korean brand. This app allows you to watch the TV without being interrupted. In this post, you will learn more about Samsung Smart View APK Download Easily so … Read more

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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Review, Price & Specs

Believe it or not, Samsung Galaxy buds 2 pro can be excellently functioned. Many people like this pair of buds because of its great active noise cancelling (ANC) that has low frequencies. Samsung users consider using these buds due to the handy and good performance for productivity. Today, we share you the Samsung Galaxy buds 2 pro review, price and specs. So you can directly … Read more

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Samsung S22 Ultra Wallpapers 4K High Resolution to Match Your Personality

Everyone is now excited as Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has just been launched. However, you need to learn more about the device when you are just new to it. Especially some apps that you want to have them on your phone such as wallpapers. Samsung Galaxy S22 Series is equipped with some features improvements because of new design applied. One of those improvements is new … Read more

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What Samsung Smart Switch Apk Offers for Samsung Users

Samsung Smart Switch Apk

What is Samsung Smart Switch Apk? If you are just new using Samsung smartphone, let us tell you how useful it is for the device to help you perform certain actions. One thing to keep in mind that this Smart Switch is available on Android 4.3 or iOS 4.2.1 or later. To what extent is the Smart Switch APk useful? It is an app functioning … Read more

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Detailed Steps by Steps How to Set Alarm on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra

how to set alarm on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra

Whether you believe it or not, not everyone knows how to set alarm on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra. Some people are still struggling about how they should manage their alarm. In reality, setting up the alarm is totally a piece of cake. Once you understand the function of each app, you should know that accessing the Clock won’t only give you the information … Read more

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Ways on How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra

Not everyone knows how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra, so this article is written to help them. We are going to talk about some possible ways to capture image on your Samsung device, so it would give you insight and knowledge about how to manage everything. And you may not realize it that there are more than one way … Read more

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Keeps Lagging & How to Deal with Problem

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra keeps lagging

The issue of Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra keeps lagging somewhat has plagued several users after several months they have used the device. They mostly complain that the phone is lagging and somewhat sluggish. It seems that their Snapdragon processor is somewhat sluggish and slow. This issue (the stutter and lag) usually happen because of software-related causes. However, there are also other causes that … Read more

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