How to Perform Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Backup Data & Restore without Drama

Samsung setting and Backup

Not everyone is familiar with Samsung Galaxy A53 5G backup and restore. If you don’t know it and you want to have an effective way, it’s time for you to learn it. The process is pretty simple, provided that you follow everything to the letter. Understanding Backup Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Backup is referring to the file combining some partitions (of the info) kept within … Read more

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How to Screenshot and Screen Recording A52s 5G with Some Possible Methods

Screen Recorder Icon Samsung

In the event you don’t know how to screenshot and screen recording A52s 5G, there is no harm in learning it now. Doing screenshot or screen recording can be quite handy. You can share activities or stuff with your friends. You can perform a how to tutorial. And there are other interesting things to do. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do it. That’s why … Read more

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iPhone 13 Pro & Max Force Restart Step by Step

Force Restart iPhone 13

iPhone is one of the modern devices that the new users must know how to go with it and what to do when there is any issue. Yes, even a smartphone like iPhone can slow down due to several reasons like troubleshooting, frozen apps and etc. In this case, force restart becomes the most common solution to fix the problem. On this post, you will … Read more

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3 Methods on How to iPhone 11, 12, 13, 14 Pro Max Screen Mirror Without Hassle

iPhone Screen Mirroring

Possessing a smartphone today is a way of living smartly. It is always unstoppable that people’s lifestyle is mostly influenced by smartphone that offers amazing features to do life. One of which is iPhone 11, 12, 13, 14 Pro Max screen mirror. Do you know what is iPhone screen mirror? Before we go further about it, let’s find its definition and continue scrolling the page … Read more

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2 Ways on How to Hard Reset iPhone 14 Pro Max in a Few Minutes

iPhone 14 Pro Max and other iPhone 14 series have been reported to have a list of problems like the random lockups and freezes. Commonly, when there are too many problems, all you need try is to force restart the device. Many people use this method as they don’t have to lose any data out of the phone. On this post, you will learn how … Read more

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Super Easy Tricks on How to Force Restart iPhone 11, 12, 13 Pro & Max

power-off slider iphone 11

iPhone is popular for its highlights as new smartphones. The highlights that are very attractive include the new camera, longer battery life and faster performance. All new iPhone models are noted to have the same overall interface and the physical buttons mostly have the same functions like powering on, force restart and etc. On this post, you will learn the tricks on how to force … Read more

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How to Screenshot on iPhone 14 Pro & Max Successfully

how to screenshot on iPhone 14 Pro & Max

If a phone has already an app to screenshot, you don’t need to install a screenshot app anymore. Yes, the app has been included in the operating system. Interestingly, the app allows you to save a Tinder message, Facebook photo, WhatApp conversation, Instagram story or even video frame in your Apple’s device memory. However, if you use iPhone 14 Pro & Max, you’ll need our … Read more

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iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max Hard Reset / Factory Reset with 3 Methods

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Hard Reset

Sometimes, using iPhone can be very problematic. The device can probably work slowly due to the full memory. Perhaps, this will make you impatient to find the solutions. Once this case occurs to your iPhone, you must think of doing factory reset. On this post, you will learn about iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Hard Reset. However, before performing this action, make sure you … Read more

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How to Hard Reset Samsung Tablet & Tab Ultra with Some Different Options

how to hard reset Samsung tablet

If you have a Samsung tablet, you may want to learn how to hard reset Samsung tablet. There are several reasons why you may want to know how to do it properly. Just so you know, there are actually some possible methods that you can perform to ‘save’ your device. Why Doing the Hard Reset? Hard reset is handy when your device is acting up. … Read more

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How to Factory / Hard Reset Samsung S20 Ultra: The Steps to Do It the Right Way

how to factory or hard reset Samsung S20 Ultra

Why should you know how to factory or hard reset Samsung S20 Ultra? There are several good reasons why you should learn how to do it correctly. Aside from the phone owners may not want other people to gain access to their phone (and their private and confidential information), it’s possible that they may encounter issues when operating the device. When owners are locked out … Read more

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