How to Fix Voicemail Not Working on Samsung Galaxy S22

fix voicemail not working on samsung galaxy s22

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S22 and use its voicemail often, it is crucial to know how to fix voicemail not working on your Samsung Galaxy S22. It seems like a minor problem for many people. Nevertheless, it annoys users who rely on this particular feature every day. So, how to handle this issue appropriately? Steps to fix when voicemail doesn’t work on your … Read more

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How to Split Screen on Samsung Galaxy S22

split screen on samsung galaxy s22

With the split screen feature, you can now view two different app windows at the same time. The split-screen feature has been implemented on various brands of smartphones. Proven to be effective, Samsung also implemented this feature on the Galaxy S22 phone. Accessing this feature is not difficult as it only requires a few steps. So, Here’s how to split screen on Samsung Galaxy S22. … Read more

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How to Set Up Voicemail on Galaxy S22 Simply and Easily

set up voicemail on galaxy s22

The reason why some people love to use Samsung Galaxy S22 is because of its features. One of the valuable features is voicemail. It helps you to leave a voice message to someone, yet you have to set it up first. This article will guide you to set up voicemail on Galaxy S22. Steps to set up voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S22 series There are … Read more

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Complete Guide to Take a Screenshot on Galaxy S22 Series

screenshot on galaxy s22

A screenshot is useful to capture a certain image on your mobile phone. Then, you can save it on the device and share it with friends. As a new Samsung Galaxy S22 user, you may get confused about how to screenshot on Galaxy S22. Follow the steps below to screenshot the content you need on your Samsung Galaxy S22. You will know that doing it … Read more

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Galaxy S22 Ultra will come with an Expanded S-Pen Functionality

galaxy s22 ultra s-pen

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra offers more than just blending in Galaxy Note capabilities in its features. After the largest screen in the series, the high-end flagship phone is getting S-Pen compatibility. Many fans welcome this new feature. But some naysayers are wondering where the S-Pen will fit in the handset. Samsung S22 Ultra have a new S-Pen feature with Bluetooth support From so many upgrades … Read more

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to Feature 200MP Olympus Camera

galaxy s22 ultra 200mp

The debate about what camera will Samsung Galaxy S22 have has just started.  Some reports keep debunking the previous leak one after another. The first leak mentioned that it may have a 200MP camera. Then a report debunked the leak, saying that Samsung chooses to refine the 108MP camera instead. However, a new report emerged to debunk that news and confirming that Galaxy S22 Ultra … Read more

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Size will be Smaller than its Predecessor

galaxy s22 size

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may be the only phone in the upcoming lineup that has the same size as the previous generation. This rumor is yet to be confirmed, but since it comes from a reputable source, then it is can be trusted to will be coming true. Among those rumors, phone size and camera are what most people anticipated the most. Both fans and … Read more

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Specs and Feature Update you Should Know

samsung galaxy s22 specs

There are many good things about Samsung Galaxy S21. But with the new Samsung Galaxy S22 already looming on the horizon, we have some reservations about the circulating rumors. But of course, everyone has a personal opinion on what they want to see on the Samsung flagship phone. Below is the new rumors about Samsung Galaxy S22 specs and feature. There was hardly any complaint … Read more

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will Have an Improved 108MP Camera Sensor

samsung galaxy s22 ultra camera 200 mp

One of the recent rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Series has just been squashed. The latest update on the upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is backtracking on the 200 Megapixel camera rumor. It is said that the new phone will be focusing more on the AI photo editor like the one in Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. With the release date up is in … Read more

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