How to Reset Apps on Samsung Galaxy S22 without Deleting it

reset apps on samsung galaxy s22

The Samsung Samsung Galaxy S22 is one of the most powerful Android devices to date. However, regardless of the hardware power, it won’t matter once you’ve encountered a rouge app. Rouge app is a term used to describe a misbehaving apps. A rough app might cause device freeze, lag, and even crash. This kind of apps ruins the experience of using a smartphone. Luckily, performing … Read more

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How to Reset Frozen Samsung Galaxy S22 and Solve the Issue

reset frozen samsung galaxy s22

It seems like a disaster when your Samsung Galaxy S22 is freezing. It means that you can’t do anything with it. So, is there any hope to fix the frozen Samsung Galaxy S22 back to normal? The tricks to reset frozen Samsung Galaxy S22 below can help to fix this problem immediately. Steps to reset frozen Samsung Galaxy S22 easily Most Samsung Galaxy S22 users … Read more

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How to Screen Record on Samsung Galaxy S22

screen record on samsung galaxy s22

The screenshot is useful to capture content on the Samsung Galaxy S22 in the form of an image. It seems not enough if you want to share a specific part of the video, such as epic gameplays, reaction videos, or memes. Samsung Galaxy S22 solves this problem by providing a screen record feature. Follow the steps below to screen record on Samsung Galaxy S22. Guide … Read more

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How to Set Up Mobile Hotspot on Galaxy S22

set up mobile hotspot on galaxy s22

The internet is super important for people nowadays and this might be the biggest reason why they have a big question about set up mobile hotspot on Galaxy S22. Yes, you need to use the internet when working on your computer, for instance. Of course, many other devices need an internet connection to do their function properly. There might be a time when you need … Read more

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How to Fix Slow Internet on Galaxy S22 Series

fix slow internet on galaxy s22

Since the birth of the first smartphone, mankind has been plagued with one fatal problem: slow internet connection. Alright, that might be a little exaggerated, but it is still true. Even when you have a top-notch device like the Galaxy S22, you can’t escape from the slow internet connection. So, this article contains some methods to fix slow connection on Samsung Galaxy S22 series. Steps … Read more

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How to Hide Photos on Samsung Galaxy S22 Using Secure Folder

hide photos on samsung galaxy S22

Privacy is the number one priority when using a smartphone. As you might know, displaying our privacy to the public is like living in a glass room. In other words, you don’t want anyone to access the files that you deemed private, such as photos or videos. Luckily the Samsung Galaxy S22 is equipped with privacy protection technology called a Secure Folder. So here’s how … Read more

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How to Create a Secure Folder on Galaxy S22 to Hide Your Files

secure folder on galaxy s22

A Secure Folder enables you to private files, documents, images, videos, and applications. By making a unique password, you can hide your documents and applications in a particular folder in which only you can open it. If you submit your phone to someone, they can’t get access to personal documents. These are some ways how to create a Secure Folder on Galaxy S22. Simple steps … Read more

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How to Block Spam Call on Samsung Galaxy S22

block spam call on samsung galaxy s22

Spam calls are annoying, everybody must agree with that. That’s why, if you think they have been too disturbing, it is much better to block them. In Samsung Galaxy S22, there are some ways to block spam calls. They are by blocking the phone number and automatic blocking. So, what are the steps to each of them? Learn how to block spam call on Samsung … Read more

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How to Disable SMS Delivery Reports on Galaxy S22 Series

disable sms delivery reports on galaxy s22

For those of you who do not care whether your text message has been delivered or not, getting delivery reports must be quite annoying. But you can get rid of such an annoyance by disabling the delivery report. As you know, each smartphone has its own features. For some people, these features are helpful. But for some others, however, not so much. This is why … Read more

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How to Transfer Data from Old Samsung to Galaxy S22

transfer data from old samsung to galaxy s22

So, for the last few months, you’ve been working really hard to achieve one goal, buying a new smartphone. After relentless work, you’ve got yourself the new Samsung Galaxy S22. But, before getting rid of the old phone, you need to transfer the data from your old Samsung to your new Galaxy S22. So, here’s how to transfer data from old Samsung to Galaxy S22. … Read more

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