How to Create Folder on Samsung Galaxy S21 & S22 Ultra in Simple Steps

Make a Folder on the App Drawer on samsung s22

Why should you learn about how to create folder on Samsung Galaxy S21 and S22 Ultra in simple steps? Well, for a starter, folders would make the arrangement easier and simpler. When you group apps together, it would be faster for you to not only find them, but also access them. When you have your phone, you would be likely downloading different kinds of apps. … Read more

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Update! Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra 5G Series Price Prediction & Speculation

Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra 5G series price

After the Galaxy S23 series is said to be available soon enough, especially for the 2023 year, a lot of people are curious about Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra 5G series price. Samsung has done a very good job in producing the Galaxy S22 model, but they are developing themselves and they don’t have any plan to stop; at least, not for now. And … Read more

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How to Activate Game Booster Plus on Samsung Galaxy S22 Series & Functions

S22 Series icon Game Booster icons

In the event you are also using the S22 series for playing games, you should know how to activate Game Booster Plus on Samsung Galaxy S22 series. When Samsung designed the phone, they also had the gamers in mind. It’s no longer a secret that people have been using their phones to play games, and Samsung wants to make the experience better.  So, what is … Read more

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Ways on How to Activate Motion & Gesture on Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

Various Gesture Perks s22

If you have a Galaxy S22 series, you should know how to activate motion and gesture on Samsung Galaxy S22 series. After all, the gestures and motions features are designed to help the users to enjoy faster, easier, and simpler operation. Don’t you love it when you can take a screenshot with only waving your hand? Or when you do some hand movements, you can … Read more

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What to Do when the Camera Flash Not Working on Samsung Galaxy S22 Series?

s22 Camera Flash Not Working

Do you know what to do when the camera flash not working on Samsung Galaxy S22 series? A lot of people like to take pictures with the flash on, but some have experienced unsatisfying photo results because the camera flash (on their Galaxy S22) doesn’t seem to work. If the same issue happens to you, you should take a look into the issue and try … Read more

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How to Use S22 Ultra S Pen as a Camera Remote: Activating the Feature

how to use S22 Ultra S Pen as a camera remote

Do you know how to use S22 Ultra S Pen as a camera remote? Yes, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with its own S Pen as a whole package, and the pen has super cool features and abilities. Simply connect your pen with the phone through the Bluetooth, and you are able to control the phone, even from 10 meters. Naturally, you will have to … Read more

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Updated! Samsung S22 Plus & Ultra Price in 2023, New and Second Information for Interested Buyers

Samsung S22 Plus & Ultra

You probably need to know the right Samsung S22 Plus and Ultra price in 2023, new & second, if you are interested in having one. Samsung has come up with many its flagship products, especially with Galaxy series. But different people have different preferences and requirements. Some people only prefer the new devices, while some like the second types. No matter which one you choose, … Read more

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How to Use S Pen on Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra and Unlocking the Abilities

S22 s pen Smart Select

Although Galaxy S22 Ultra does have its own pen, not everyone knows how to use S Pen on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. If you are using the S21 Ultra, though, the pen is considered extra accessory so you won’t get the pen. You only get the pen when you buy the S22 Ultra. You should also remember that this S Pen won’t be compatible with … Read more

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Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Apps Crashing & How to Deal with It

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Apps Crashing

Although the Galaxy S22 Ultra is known as this flagship device with all of the promising features and abilities, many users have been complaining about Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra apps crashing, especially during gaming time. Unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t provided any confirmation or reason for the crashing although they do promise to look into the matter. In the event that you experience the same issue, there … Read more

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How to Use Smart Widgets on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in Effective Ways

Have you just bought a new Galaxy S22 Plus & Ultra series? Then you should know how to use smart widgets on Samsung Galaxy S22 series. This series has brought some new changes, and those include the smart widgets. Just like the old stuff, the widgets enable you to see more information on the Home Page in a smarter way. You only need to place … Read more

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